Pin, cable and braided coil manufacturing

We have extensive experience in manufacturing enamelled copper wire coils for electromagnetic applications.

Our manufacturing processes are tailored to each product, as we work alongside our customers throughout all stages of development. The final quality of our products is based on stable production through primary products guaranteed by our suppliers, technical resources suitable for each process, and specialist, experienced personnel.

Coil with pins

This type of coil allows processes to be industrialised since the enamelled wire grip on the winding’s starting and final pins allow automation, bringing significant cost savings.

The enamelled wire is joined to the pin via a range of welding processes:

  • Soldering, thermocompression and resistance

We carry out projects tailored to your requirements, working alongside you to develop the products you need.

Cable coil

When a coil design does not allow the use of pins, we are specialists in manufacturing COILS WITH CABLES.
We join the enamelled wire to the cable by soldering.


Braided wire coils are custom developed according to their purpose. Please contact us for further details.

Coils are designed according to how the electromagnet will be used, meaning the diameter of the enamelled wire will depend on this requirement.

The enamelled wire will sometimes be very small in diameter, in which case it is recommended to braid the beginning and end of the winding for reinforcement.

We have braiding machines suitable for this type of coil.