Bobinados Osés

A professional and trustworthy company with a long history in the sector

We are a family company dedicated to the manufacture of electromagnets since 1987. We ally ourselves with our clients by maintaining a close collaboration from design, this allows us to adapt our technology to the needs of the requested product with the aim of optimizing manufacturing processes and offering products higher added value.

The training in innovation and constant technological adaptation that we maintain, both in our employees and in our business, allows us to complete our technological offer with Laser Marking and the manufacture of products based on RFID Technology.

These values lead us to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

Bobinados Osés path

Located in Peralta (Navarra) – Spain, we are dedicated to the design and sale of solenoids, laser engraving and the manufacture of products based on RFID technology. Our strategic axis has always been based on a firm commitment to technology and a powerful innovative base, which has allowed us to develop our business over 30 years of activity.

Technical Resources

Our team’s constant innovation and adaptation have given us a technological base and technical resources adapted to our four main business areas: electromechanical winding and assembly, laser engraving, and RFID technology.

We have technical resources tailored to our customers’ requirements, such as:

  • Automatic winding machines.
  • Welding stations.
  • Verification and control equipment tailored to each product, ready to take on our customers’ projects.
  • RFID production equipment that allows us to develop and manufacture transponders, antennas and readers.
  • The laser marking business line is equipped with two engraving machines which, apart from meeting external demand, can supplement marking needs for both coil manufacturing and RFID products.


Bobinados Osés has been implementing efficient, effective customised solutions for each product in its four business lines for over 30 years.

Our main activity focuses on manufacturing a range of solenoids on plastic coils, ferrite core, and even air core windings for different sectors, such as automatic machines, payment mechanisms, security systems, etc.

OSÉS LASER MARKER was born as a division of Bobinados Osés, applying laser technology to industrial marking on materials and objects with indelible, unalterable, permanent quality. This activity focuses on engraving ultra-destructible labels, manufacturing plates, and engraving industrial objects.

Our constant interest in innovation has led Bobinados Osés to develop the RFID technology line, where our team takes on the customer’s needs, designing and assisting in developing the three key elements in this technology: the transponder or smart tag, the data reader, and the antenna.