We provide solutions to the needs of our customers

We have been working since 1987 with the clear mission of providing solutions adapted to the needs of our clients in close collaboration with their teams.

Our long experience, as well as working together with our clients and innovation in our production processes, allow us to design and manufacture electromagnetic solutions in accordance with the technical characteristics required by our clients.

Our technical departments together with our clients maintain a close collaboration from the design. This allows us to adapt our technology to the needs of the requested product with the aim of optimizing manufacturing processes and offering products with greater added value.

Our geographical location, we are installed in Peralta (Navarra), -a very important industrial center-, allows us to offer our customers products with greater added value, being able to complete the manufacture of solenoids with the electromechanical assemblies associated with them.

The client and the quality of the service are the center of our value as a company.

Personalized service

Contact our team to develop the solution that best suits the needs of your product or business.

All our technological and human potential is focused on finding and designing the best solution in components and complete product development together with our clients, which is why we say that our service is personalized. Contact us to find out how we can help you and learn more about our production process.

Our more than 30 years in the field of electromagnetic, electromechanical and laser marking winding together with our long commercial experience with our clients guarantee our commitment to the quality of a well-made product and to the people with whom we have worked for more than 30 years. years. In turn, the close and stable relationships with our suppliers guarantee fast service, quality raw material and rapid supply to meet market demand.