Laser technology applied to marking.

Identifying our products is currently more than simply distinguishing our trademark, but rather is a technical requirement which demands the use of marking technologies and materials that remain indelible and unalterable over time.

OSÉS LASER MARKER applies laser marking technology to plastic and metal surfaces and special self-adhesive labels for laser marking. The flexibility of the system allows us to mark:

  • Texts
  • Serial numbers
  • Logos
  • Barcodes
  • QR codes
  • Bidi codes

Laser tags

Laser tags ensure secure marking to identify components, production equipment, machinery, tools, etc., offering a technically effective solution with a fully flexible design.


  • Indelible.
  • Ultra-destructible.
  • Highly resistant to atmospheric agents.
  • Resistant to chemical agents.
  • Easy to read, long-lasting and resistant.

We have the following colours, which obtain a different contrast when marked with the laser:


  • Black/White
  • Red/White
  • Grey/Black
  • Yellow/Black