We manufacture electromagnetic assemblies

Electromechanical sets

Bobinados Osés specialises in manufacturing electromagnets, but our commitment to our customers combined with our geographical location means we can offer solutions with greater added value.

Our professional team works alongside our customers throughout the production process, manufacturing not only electromagnets but also any element required to accompany and improve the end product.

Quality components for a quality end product.

High added value

We conceive each assembly not as a set of individual parts but rather as a whole, where design, quality and safety standards are key in every part of the production process.

Our goal is to manufacture and service parts for complete electromechanical sets, always with a view to being seen as a supplier of quality assemblies at our customers’ facilities, and striving to provide high added value in each phase of the process, from design and initial contact with the customer, through to delivery of the finished products.

Assemblies with the highest specifications

Electromagnetic coils

In line with our goal of providing high added value, at Bobinados Osés we manufacture much more than just parts: we work alongside the customer throughout the design process, manufacturing complete electromagnetic coil sets (magnetic shaft + copper wire) to offer products that are completely different in terms of size, shape and materials, since customers who put their trust in Bobinados Osés require each electromagnetic coil to be installed in a different end product according to the sector in question: elevator brakes, selectors, switches, electrovalves, etc.

Ferrite sets

Ferrite is a compound formed from iron oxide powder mixed with other components and coated with insulating material, which binds and compresses into a solid.

Ferrite core coils are used in a range of applications such as antenna coils in radios, high-frequency chokes or filters, tuned circuits and power sources, etc.

Ferrite cores are now found in electronics, since they can be used to manufacture small high-inductance coils and coils in high-frequency circuits.

Bobinados Osés specialises in this type of assembly, and counts on the technical resources necessary for all ferrite manufacturing processes.