Different needs

We wind the difference

Our customers come from a range of sectors, meaning their products are varied and have very different designs. That is why the technical team at Bobinados Osés has the knowledge and experience necessary to tailor our production in line with requirements. We are also able to present a range of alternatives in order to optimise quality and reduce production costs.

Winding designs

We design your coils

Winding line customers sometimes contact our team to find the most suitable electromagnetic coil solution for their electronic applications.

Once the team at Bobinados Osés has the product specifications, we can work on the design either alongside the customer or on our own, subsequently presenting the final solution for validation.

We integrate all the processes necessary to supply a fully finished end product at your facilities. We specialise in actuators, solenoids, ferrite coils, RM cores, electrovalves and inductive components.

Every customer is unique, and so is their product

We mark the difference

Laser engraving of metals and plastics

Osés Laser Marker division is dedicated to industrial marking on all types of materials and objects, ready to apply engraving technology with indelible, unalterable, permanent quality. Check with our team on the best way to obtain customised markings for your products, whether plastic, stainless steel or anodised.

We apply laser marking technology in the manufacture of ultra-destructible self-adhesive labels with special technical characteristics, guaranteeing high resistance to extreme temperatures and chemical products.

Competitive differential in RFID technology

RFID technology is an identification tool that allows us to capture information wirelessly through three elements: the transponder, the antennas, and the readers, providing a number of operational advantages in order to, above all, automate the data collection and management process.

We are specialists in defining and optimising RFID systems according to our customers’ specific application requirements, always striving to do so in the most efficient way possible.

We have the technology and the technical resources for manufacture, allowing us to advise our customers on the best options for their products.